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Jul 10, 2011 7:30am EDT
good. our dr. sanjay gupta is taking a look in our special edition of "sanjay gupta m.d." coming up. >>> last month president obama announced plans to start bringing down the number of u.s. troops in afghanistan. but still u.s. troops are going to be there for years to come. come fall it will be a full decade we've been at war. so this week and next we're taking a closer look at an aspect that's easy to miss, at least until your life is on the line. i'm talking about the impact this war has had on medical care, no the just for wounded troops, but also here at home. one pretty stark example is the care that saved the life of congresswoman gabrielle giffords. a bullet through the head. the kind of wound you might see in combat. dr. peter reed was running the emergency room that day. but he learned his trade in iraq with the navy. he says with the wound like giffords' had, a decade ago, a lot of doctors would have given up before they even started. >> for most handgun injuries through and through to the head, the chance of them going to the operating room are exceedingly low. but now a
Jul 2, 2011 7:30am EDT
the good doctor. >> i'm dr. sanjay gupta. as a dad, i was curious. would you let your kids play something that looks like this? >>> i wanted to show you something you may have never seen before. death rates. a nearly 48-hour endurance challenge. it is very extreme. i'll show it to you. >>> we know the rock band kiss, but paul stanley was actually born deaf in one ear. we will hear his story. >>> we begin with an interesting turn in the case of jared loughner. in jail, he has been receiving anti-psychotic medication. he doesn't want to take it. his lawyers asked the judge to force him to stop taking it. it is a fascinating situation. we have jeffery tubin with us. we have been talking about this in the past. the judge says this is in the hands of his doctors, primarily. how does it work? can prison doctors hold loughner down and force this medication into him? >> the defense has one goal. to keep him from getting executed. that is the only goal. at the moment, he has been found not fit to stand trial. as long as you are not fit to stand trial, you are not getting executed. the st
Jul 23, 2011 7:30am EDT
>>> i'm dr. sanjay gupta. i have a lot to talk about. football and head injuries. a remarkable story about cocaine. when it first arrived on the world scene, the first supporter was a young dr. freud. >>> we start with cuts in washington. behind the numbers, there are real people. including one little boy who stole your heart in the super bowl commercial. next week, capitol hill is going to feel the force. >> dr. gupta? >> you're it. >> i'm it? max page knows one stage. full steam ahead. you probably have seen max before. remember this volkswagon ad from super bowl xlv? darth vader? no. just max. within mere seconds of meeting him, max was asking about my daughters. >> three girls. >> let me guess. 4-year-old. 2-year-old. >> yes. >> how did you know? we are at the children's hospital in los angeles with his brother and max to see dr. michael silka. >> get your pacemaker checked? >> that is right. max has a pacemaker. it is his third. for parents jennifer and buck, the first sign of trouble came before max was even born. >> my 38 week appointment, we found out max has damage to
Jul 29, 2011 5:00am EDT
, involuntary mmnslauggter for inner harbor in 2008.ankush gupta couldn't swim and murder conviction nd 10 yearr sentence for 21-year old wayne black.but according to the plea deal, black will be sentenced to four years... next month. 3 first on fox..the victim of a hit-anddrun in downtoon accident. the acciient happened at the intersection of uilford avenue aad entre street... n pugust 15, 2010. robert ross suffered extensive braii damage....and was no longer able to walk or talk. now... almost a year laaer... family members sayythey're investiggtion that has given them answers... and are angered by a drivee that tteyy say has no conscious. 3 "and they know they did something wrong.. because they did stop for a second, from what witnesses say. they did stop and they sped off. so, they know they hit him. so, porse." police say they're looking for a black &phondd accord... possibly a from you if you have any informaaion about this case. the family is alss offering a 25-hundred dollar reward. a long time city politician iss to a bizarre suggestion he cooncilmannroberr curran is facing heavy
Jul 20, 2011 7:00pm EDT
control it using two commonly prescribed medications. last night dr. sanjay gupta told us those medications in most cases are highly successful. >> but when i talk about treatment, it can be treated very easily, you know, miss bachmann said that 30 million people roughly in the country have these migraine headaches, it's right, and neurologists have gotten a handle on it if patients seek out treatments. >> has the congresswoman proven wrong the former aides that released the history and behind the cloak of anonymity suggesting that he cannot handle the stress of the presidency? jeff, i said anonymity twice because i think it's reprehensible, if you challenge somebody's fitness to serve you should stand up and do it publicly. but despite the way it was done, it's a legitimate question, if she has a condition in the past that caused her to miss votes, has she ended the discussion by releasing the letter and this new information? >> it seems to me she's ended the discussion, but the bigger question is how many more things like this are out there. she has a lot of former advisers an
Jul 19, 2011 4:00pm PDT
function effectively will not affect my ability to serve as commander in chief. >> dr. sanjay gupta will join us for a reality check. >>> but up first, live action in the house of representatives and how it impacts a search for a deal to keep the government from a default most economist say could derail the already fragile recovery. this hour you see right there live debate. the house is expected by the end of this hour to pass the republican majority's cut, cap and balance plan. it would cut federal spending, then cap that spending and the house republicans also want a constitutional amendment requiring washington to balance its budget every year. as we watch the debate and the vote, this important footnote, this plan has absolutely zero chance of taking effect. so, why are you watching you might ask? this is for better or worse part of an important washington ritual, house republicans want their vote on their plan. the senate in the days ahead will also take votes on spending ideas that have no chance of taking effect. it may appear to you at home a waste of time. but in this town, it'
Jul 20, 2011 10:00am PDT
now, with dr. sanjay gupta, and he has looked at this subject extensively and will be here to talk more about that. >>> he is 14, and he says he kills victims by cutting their throats. an alleged drug cartel hitman. details after this. >>> breaking news now into cnn. want to get to suzanne candiotti. she has new news related to the murdoch hacking scandal and the family. >> the families of 9/11 victims who had been worried about whether their phone records might have been hacked, they have now been given a meeting with the u.s. attorney general, eric holder, and fbi director, mr. muller. after the fbi launched its investigation last week to see whether any phone records or voice mails had been hacked, that's when the families started to ask for the meeting because they are worried it might have occurred. it's important to remember that the suspicion this might have happened was reported in a british newspaper, a tabloid. they cited an unnamed source that claimed that a private investigator here in new york had been contacted by a reporter to hack into these phone records, and that
Jul 25, 2011 11:00am EDT
miracle cure for mental illness. our dr. sanjay gupta takes a look back at the long, strange trip of cocaine. vote by texting 223-60-text 1 for afghanistan's female voice, two for the last draftee retires, or three for the history of cocaine. winning story will air in the next hour. >>> well, the east is finally getting some relief from the heat this week. rob joins us with what is on the way. >> cooler temperatures at least for a couple days, suzanne. then i think we'll crank things back up. i want to put into perspective last week as far as the amount of heat for the week of july 17-24th. we had on friday the hottest day of the week, 745 temperature records, total records for the entire week, almost 4,000, unbelievable. guess what? we had more records yesterday. 100 degrees in raleigh. 100 degrees in atlantic city. wilmington, north carolina also seeing the century mark and pennsylvania and philadelphia seeing 98 degrees there so where are we going to see the hot weather today? across the southern plains of the central plains, dallas and oklahoma city, and parts of arkansas have se
Jul 21, 2011 5:00pm PDT
budget talks are real problems. chief medical correspondent dr. sanjay gupta met up with one who you just might recognize. sanjay? >> next week washington is going to feel the force, so to speak. he's a little guy with a big mission. take a look at who i plet when i was out in l.a. >> dr. gupta? >> yes, sir. >> you're it. >> i'm it? max page only knows one speed, full steam ahead. you've probably seen max before even though you might not know it. remember this volkswagen ad from super bowl xlv? darth vader? nope. just max. >> yeah, we have that. >> within mere seconds of meeting him, max was asking about my daughters. >> three girls. >> let me guess, 4-year-old? >> yes. >> 2-year-old? >> yes. >> 6-year-old? >> you got it. how did you know? we're at the children's hospital of los angeles with max and his brother ells to see dr. michael soka. >> you're getting your pacemaker checked? >> uh-huh. >> that's good. >> that's right. max has a pacemaker. actually, it's his third, and he's only 6 years old. for parents jennifer and buck, the first sign of trouble came before max was even born.
Jul 23, 2011 2:00pm PDT
extraordinary things. this week dr. sanjay gupta introduces us to will carter who doesn't let a brain injury get in the way of his dreams. >> will carter always loved making people laugh. when he was a child he dreamed of becoming a comedian. if you would have asked him at 17 he would have said his biggest obstacle was fear of failure. that changed with a horrific car accident and his family feared the worse. >> had to remove part of his skull cap. >> he had a collapsed lung. he lost a spleen. >> he was in a coma for about three weeks. driving home one night i just thought oh, my god my son has a brain injury. does he have a future? >> do you need somebody to pick you up tonight? >> robert can give me a ride home. >> after years of physical therapy, will did recover. but he lost a lot of his independenten. he couldn't drive. meaning he had to depend on his parents to give him rides. had to rely on his friend. he had to put his dreams on hold. >> i loved doing comedy. there's no energy in this world like being on stage. >> will didn't give up. he was determined to overcome his brain in
Jul 28, 2011 6:00pm EDT
death of gupta. wayne black pushed guptda, who could not swim, into the inner harbor, in 2008. the deal pushes brack. he told police it was an impulsive act. he did not know gupta could not swim. >>> a city councilman makes remarks that it's okay to lie to 911 operators in order to get a faster response from police. derek valcourt talks to the councilman and his critics about what he said. >> reporter: specifically he told some of the people living in his district that they ought to tell 911 operators there's a gun involved in their call if they want faster police service. as you can imagine, police call it really bad advice. [ sirens ] >> reporter: in northeast baltimore, contact and burglary victims often complain police take too long to respond to their 911 calls. >> the types of complaint you talk about candidly i've been hearing for 20 years. >> reporter: city councilman robert huron heard similar complaints in the hamilton hills last weekend. that's when he told residents they would get a faster police response by telling 911 there was a gun involved, even if there was not. >> i k
Jul 16, 2011 2:00pm PDT
art again. our dr. sanjay gupta has his remarkable story in today's "the human factor ". >> reporter: kevin's sculptures can be found all over the world. for the past seven years, he hasn't been able to sculpt i. was teasing him, you think that looks better from the ground up and then i took a look at him and i could tell there was something seriously wrong. >> reporter: what kevin's wife diane didn't know is that he previously healthy husband had a blood clot, which had traveled to his brain and caused a massive stroke. >> he was on life support for 13 days, and then from there in rehab hospitals for seven weeks. >> reporter: when kevin finally came home, he had lost his memory, his ability to speak and most of his movement, but when he was taken back up into his studio, something inside him lit up. >> he stood here, walked over and touched some of his machinery and for the first time since his stroke there was life in his eyes. >> reporter: kevin continued his rehabilitation and over time learned to walk on his own. bits of his memory came back and he can now speak m
Jul 9, 2011 5:00pm EDT
today's human factor dr. sanjay gupta introduces us to a scientist working on a new approach to the injury. >> he always wanted to be a bioengineering professor at harvard. he thought he would develop the next great heart medicine. but in 2002 when he was offered his dream job there was a catch. he was in the army reserves and he signed up with a unit that he knew was headed to battle. so major parker said -- >> hold the job. i got to fight. i took off a year. >> he spent much of 2002 and 2003 near kandahar hunting for taliban. he came back to harvard. in 2009 with the national guard unit he went back to afghanistan. >> and so i spent a lot of time with units looking for ieds. we got hit several times. vehicles in front of me got blown up. i was never hit. i was very lucky. when you run up there and pull open the for and see your injured buddies you never forget that sight. >> this time, back home, he began to explore the science of brain injury. >> what happens when the brain gets hit by a blast wave and slams up inside the skull. >> with colleagues at northeast university parker b
Jul 2, 2011 2:00pm PDT
always had it so together. dr. sanjay gupta has the story of how one man overcame major obstacles to get his life back on track. >> dr. maroon remembers the exact moment his life fell apart. >> i had a major personal train wreck. within the course of a week, my father died, a marriage that was rocky ended, and i didn't have any reserve. i had to quit neurosurgery. >> death, divorce, depression. all of it of happened in a matter of days. >> my mental processing was gone. >> you were rock bottom. >> i hit bottom. >> the crisis was so bad, dr. maroon contemplated suicide. but then came the opportunity. >> there was a phone call from a banker friend in wheeling, west virginia who i think took pity on me and said, hey, joe, let's go for a run. >> your first response? >> are you crazy? >> but he did go for that run. and he felt something go click. >> it was the first night that i slept in about four or five months. >> is that right. just getting a little bit of exercise. >> four times around, i slept. >> in fact he was running so much, he developed an over use injury, so he started to bike
Jul 3, 2011 7:30am EDT
? >> specifically, dr. gupta, what we do know is he was examined by two psychologists and a psychiatrist in may. he found he had schizophrenia. in other words, hallucinations, delusions, a total break from reality. i'm not quite sure what medication they may be giving him. it is some sort of antipsychotic medication. i'm not sure it's an oral mcor an injectable psychotropic type of medicine. >> people have been talking about this idea, forcefully medicating him. >> yes. >> what does that entail? forcing him down to swallow something or injecting him? >> normally what they do, they will try to convince him to take oral medications. that will be the first step. if he does take them, they'll make sure he swallowed the medications. if he refuses to take the oral medications they will give him the injectable antipsychotic medications. they will use a minimal amount of force in order to hold him down so he is not a danger to himself or others as he's being injected with this antipsychotic medication. >> a lot of people in the health care field about been talking to me and talking about this issue. it is
Jul 21, 2011 8:00am PDT
try and stop medicaid cuts. dr. sanjay gupta talked to him and his family about it. [ kimberly ] when i was 19, i found myself alone with two children and no way to support them. people told me i wasn't going to do anything. and i just decided i have more to offer than that. i put myself through nursing school, and then i decided to go get a doctorate degree. university of phoenix gave me the knowledge to make a difference in people's lives. my name is dr. kimberly horton. i manage a network of over a thousand nurses, and i am a phoenix. [ male announcer ] find your program at [ male announcer ] time to check your air conditioning? come to meineke now and get a free ac system check and a free cooler with paid ac service. meineke. we have the coolest customers. >>> this just in. cnn confirming john edwards is ordered to give back the matching funds. the fcc said he was given too much. the lawyers are indicating the democrat does not owe anything, and the attorneys can appeal the 6-0 decision. joe johns will be along with us to give us more details about the fcc. >>>
Jul 30, 2011 7:30am EDT
dr. sanjay gupta. thanks for being with us. we hahave a lot to catch up on this morning. including a ruling for workers from the twin towers. >>> a top motorcycle racer continued his career after an accident left him partially paralyzed. >>> first, how the budget dealings in washington are affecting our kids. max page. or should i call him mini darth vader. you remember max page. we introduced you to him last we' week. he is 6 years old and on his third pacemaker. he took capitol hill by storm this week. max and his family came to washington with a group of kids to put the pressure on lawmakers. >> we are one family from california trying to make a difference. >> to protect medicaid coverage for children and preserve funding for the programs that train half of the pediatricians. they met with lawmakers from both parties. >> i want to help my hospital. >> so, it is hard for something like a worthy institution like this. >> you are going to be around here a lot longer than i am. we want to make sure. >> you are here longer than me. i'm six and you are a senator? >> max joins me from
Jul 16, 2011 4:30am PDT
hour. right now is the good doctor. >> i'm dr. sanjay gupta. this fall will mark a full decade that the united states has been at war. it has left a mark. in many ways, the strong connection between the battlefield and medical care at home. i work at a level one trauma center at grady hospital. some of the techniques that we use, for example, cutting out part of the skull to relieve pressure on the brain was developed in the military. in the last decade out of necessity. it is not a one-way connection. we have barbara starr who spent time with a group of doctors and medical technicians who are all getting ready to deploy. for these men and women, heading off to war, a big city hospital like the one where i work, can be a perfect training ground. >> this doctor stops to check on an injured patient. he suffered massive abdominal injuries at the maryland factory job when he was caught in a conveyer belt. >> we will keep an eye on that. >> his cousin peter translates into the creole of their native haiti. but rimshaw treats cancer. why is he here? dr. john renshaw is deploying to the fr
Jul 21, 2011 12:00pm PDT
. sanjay gupta has his insp e inspiring story coming up. you don't want to miss it. >>> one thing is indispoutable. america is not going to stop exploring. thank you "columbia," "challenger," "discovery" and "endeavour" and our ship "atlantis." thank you for protecting us and bringing this program to such a fitting end. god bless all of you. god bless the united states of america. >> well put. "atlantis" is back from the final space mission ever, ever for that type of spacecraft. it landed at kennedy space center just before 6:00 a.m., and thousands came to say good-bye but captain chris ferguson says it's not the end of america's mission. >> given everything that i know today, i think that we'll be traversing back and forth to lower earth orbit with one of the four or five vehicles that are being considered right now. i think that that's going to be a well-travel the path. i think that we're going to have people spending either short or perhaps long periods of time in orbit who have, you know, paid for a trip there. >> we're joined by nasa administrator charlie boldin from cape cana
Jul 27, 2011 2:00am PDT
given the choice he would marry anderson cooper and sleep with dr. gupta. i didn't read the rest because i was pouring bleach in my eyes. >> that's late night with jilly fallon on your local nbc station. >>> time now for your first look at entertainment news. morgan freeman wants the world to know he does not support right-wing causes. a representative for freeman told tmz he did not nar rate an ad by a conservative group in wisconsin, nor did he voice over an earlier ad for controversial governor scott walker. he accused the narrater of trying to sound like freeman. >>> once again lindsay lohan has courtishes issues, only this time it's small claims court. a man who installed her audio and video equipment says she hasn't paid him over $1,000. >>> you know you're a big star like "twilight's" kristen stewart or at least acting like one when you drop out of your very own mother's first film as a director to focus on other professional obligations. >>> finally, say what you will about 25-year-old crystal harris dumping playboy founder hugh hefner just days before the wedding but did
Jul 17, 2011 4:30am PDT
>>> thanks for joining us. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. this fall will mark a full decade that the united states has been at war. it's left a mark in many ways, including the strong connection between the battlefield and medical care at home. i work at a level one trauma center at grady hospital. as a neurosurgeon i handle all sorts of things, gunshot wounds, car crashes and other injuries. some of the techniques that we use, for example, cutting out part of the skull to relieve pressure on the brain was developed in the military. in the last decade out of necessity. it is not a one-way connection. cnn pentagon correspondent barbara starr spent time with a group of doctors, medics, nurses and medical teches who are all themselves now getting ready to deploy. for these men and women heading off to war, a big city hospital like the one where i work, can be a perfect training ground. >> reporter: dr. john renshaw stops to check on one of his patients. he suffered massive injuries at his job when he was caught in a conveyer belt. his cousin translates into their native haiti. renshaw is an on
Jul 24, 2011 6:00am EDT
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Jul 21, 2011 2:00pm PDT
signals from one of the leading activists about the bush-era tax cuts? >>> and san gentleman gupta meets up with a mini darth va r vader. it's a cnn exclusive. i'm wolf blitzer, you're in "the situation room." ten years since the -- as we get closer, there's a lot for the department of homeland security to worry about, including its brand-new alert about possible threats to utility plants across the country. joining us now, the secretary of homeland security, janet napolitano, madam secretary, thank you for coming in. >> oh, thank you. >>> there are fresh concerns that terrorists or terrorism sympathizers may have infiltrated, including nuclear power plants. is that true? i think that's report is based on information sharing report of the time we put on the in the normal course of business. reminding people what they need to be watching out for. >> we do know one individual was arrested. he managed to nfl trait five plants in america? >> indeed. that's why you're utility operators need to be constantly ving tachbt. there are lots of things we need to be watchful for. we are asked o
Jul 30, 2011 6:00pm PDT
a little indian. i'm a little sanjay gupta but then i'm a little bit mexican as well. so i'm not native american enough to get a casino but i did blackout when i drink occasionally. >> difficult childhood, the end of his marriage, and the woman he says gave him his life and career. his good friend, sandra bullock. plus, an exclusive sneak peek at latest project. george lopez on this hour of "piers morgan" tonight. george, welcome. >> piers, i'm very excited to be here. >> how do you like being interviewed? as a man you interview so many other people. >> i don't have a problem with it as much as some of the people i work with. i'm going to try to be honest. i always try to be honest. i do. you know, it's been interesting for me. i've exceeded my own expectations seriously of what i had planned out when i first started in the business. so, you know, it's all fun. every day is -- >> do you find as you get more famous and successful being very honest and candid is problematic? >> you know, it really is, because when i do stand-up you're your own boss. you're very free. you are an enc
Jun 30, 2011 10:00pm PDT
. that's "anderson cooper 360" >>> piers, thank you. dr. sanjay gupta tonight sitting in for anderson. tonight we're going to bring you a view of casey anthony you've never seen before. 360 has obtained video of casey when she was a little girl. five years old. it's a birthday caylee would never reach. as casey's defense wraps up, we'll wrap up the dramatic final day of testimony and dig deeper on two questions everybody seems to have been asking, would she testify? and then why didn't she? we begin, though, keeping them honest with new and troubling developments in a disaster both anderson and i saw up close. the nuclear catastrophe in fukushima japan. today's headline. the government recommending more evacuations. hard to believe, 113 additional households in four districts in the city of date. that's far beyond the mandatory exclusion zone set up for 20 kilometers around the crippled reactors. these are newly designated hot spots. separately, according to a citizens group and a french ngo, trace amounts of radio isotopes have now been found elsewhere in children as far as 24 miles
Jul 30, 2011 2:00pm PDT
way. sanjay gupta introduces us to doug henry. >> reporter: four-time national motocross rider's career has taken him to incredible heights, and devastating lows. he's been inducted into the american motorcycle association's hall of fame and won dozens of medals and trophies over the years. but look closely, you'll see this bike is modified with a bar and strap that help him stay on. that's because four years ago, the unthinkable happened. and he was paralyzed. >> when i hit the wall, between the bike, i was stuck between the bike, you know, it was the end. it was the end for me. it was all over. >> reporter: henry's love affair with racing began when he was 4. at 15, he entered his first race, had a mid tear collision and broke his arm. at the age of 20, henry had another bad accident and broke his back for the first time. but he recovered. two years later, he was back on the track. there were more injuries, over 200 serious crashes, but he always walked away. until march 4, 2007. he lost control on a corner, during practice. >> i knew it was over. i just -- everything, just --
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 143 (some duplicates have been removed)